Just in time for the holidays!

For years, many of you have asked where you can get your own Geek Speak t-shirt, hoodie, sticker, etc. Well, now you can get all of that & more for yourself or a friend or family member who listens to The Geek Speak Show.

Start with the OG T-Shirt
  • Working From Home?

    Choose from our magic coffee mug, mouse pad & more so you always have The Geek Speak Show by your side.

  • Get Ready For Fall/Winter

    We don't blame you for wanting our classic t-shirts, but as the weather gets cooler, choose from warmer designs, such as our hoodies & light sweaters to keep you warm.

  • We've Got Your Phone Covered

    A majority of our downloads/listens come from phones, so we figured we'd give you a way to show what you listen to with a cover for both iPhones & Samsung models.